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Quality, passion, technological evolution and business strategy are the ARTedilia's characteristic elements.The company has been created by Rui's family and Sandro Dal Cin who have embarked on a path of growth period specializing in renovations, conservative restorations and high-level constructions.The experience gained allows us to be considered an important point of reference in Italy as regards the restoration and renovation of religious buildings, private residences and historic buildings.As far as foreign countries are concerned, the clientele to which we aim is a high-level private clientele. This allowed us to carry out important restoration and construction works in the luxury sector as it has been in recent years in France, England and the Baltic countries.“Our aim” explains the MD Sandro Dal Cin, “is to improve continuously through technological research and the specialization of our staff. I believe that the trade aspect cannot leave inside by learning, we cannot offer quality unless we work constantly to produce it and updating is an indispensable step ".

Alberto Rui

Sandro Dal Cin

ARTEDILIA is a company specialized in conservative restorations, renovations and high-level constructions in Italy and abroad.

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